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Sweat, strengthen and sculpt every muscle of your body anytime, anywhere. Choose from a variety of 30+ pre recorded workouts. Switch up your routine and keep your body guessing with new weekly workouts. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?



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Yup that's right! The Coaching With casey memberships Is mobile approved. All workouts are accessible on phone or computer devices. Just press play and sweat with me at home, at the gym or wherever life May take you.


Are you Looking to find your fitness family? Well, look no further! At coaching with casey each member is extremely Important and valued. Join a Community and become apart of something so much more. 


YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS. LEARN HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR WORKOUTS. Coaching with Casey Workouts use minimal equipment, are easy to follow and Efficient.  Together we can work smarter not harder.

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— Alisyn Facemire

You helped me get to the next level of my fitness routine and I also saw major results with weight loss. Casey focuses on form and doing it the right way vs. rushing through a session just to check a box. If you ever have questions or need a very specific type of workout, Casey is always willing to help and accommodate for whatever is needed! She is the BEST [...] caring, motivated, strong, sweet and has killer abs!”

"“After working with [Casey], I felt stronger than ever, toned, motivated, and just happier...”

— Kerrie Lorenz

During the time I was working with you, I felt like I had lost weight (in a good way) and increased my energy levels drastically. You had given me workout advice but also nutrition advice too and that helped me substantially. I have better nutrition habits, confidence and I am in better shape all around. I was able to obtain the goals I set for myself. 

“Do not hesitate, work with Casey immediately! The earlier the better, that way you can reach your goals sooner...” 

— Ashley Knepper

I was drawn to working with Casey initially because of her background in athletics. I was only a few weeks postpartum after my second child so I was very sluggish and out of shape with pounds to lose. After only a few sessions, I felt stronger and more toned and was quickly able to build back my stamina with the workouts Casey custom made for me. She is incredibly reliable and takes great pride in helping her clients see results.

“I continued to train with [Casey] for an extended period because she made the workouts fun and I saw results.” 

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